Key of culture : Credit Standing
Enterprise tenet :
Bulid brand -"Red mountain¡± for hundred years, Creat ingenious products for one century
Quality guideline : Win market based on high quality
Eight points of management principle:
(1) ¡°Regards workers as most important fortune ¡±
(2) ¡°Set up prestige firstly and set up the brand behind ¡±
(3) ¡° Products-Brands- Trust-Market ,One by One ,Step by Step¡±
(4) ¡° Safety as first attention ¡±
(5) ¡° Customer is God ¡±
(6) ¡° If not break down old system, it is difficult to have the new world ¡±
(7) ¡° Every body grow with the company development¡±
(8) ¡° No developing mean fall behind ¡±

Six kinds of employee's concept:
(1) Crisis Concept:To employee,"if don't work hard today, seeks the work hard tomorrow".
(2) Quality Concept :The quality of products is the life of the Enterprise , if can't make sure the quality of products, the life will be stop.
(3) Cost Conce pt :If not understand the cost ,will not competent for job.If not make the cost calculate ,will can't realize the profit maximizes.
(4) Creative Concept :Ask more creative in every step.
(5) Service Concept :Good service creat classic brand.
(6) Benefits Concept:The personal affair is belongs to Company benefits .


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